Luxuriant patches of mangroves are found on all the other continents but the best mangroves are found in Asia, especially in India and Bangladesh - the Sunderbans are the largest mangrove forest in the world both in size as well as biodiversity.
The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO includes Sundarban in World Heritage list in the year 1997.

The literal meaning of “Sundar” is elegant look and “ban” means forest – “The biggest colony of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger”.

The word “Sundarban” is derived from the term “Forest of Sundari Trees” – a large Mangrove tree. It houses an amazing aqua-terrestrial eco-system of world’s largest Biosphere Reserve where land and saline water both plays an equal role. It is extended along the Bay of Bengal from the Hoogly (Ganga) river estuaryin India to the Meghna river estuary in Bangladesh.